The Wig Verses The Selfie

I have just spent an amazing and exhausting three days at a conference for hair loss. As I am writing this blog post the plane is chasing the sun on its way to my home. There is something to be said about looking out the window and seeing nothing but sun rays and clouds on the horizon.

This conference that I went to is an amazing event for anyone who is in the alternative hair industry.  The American Hair Loss Council is focused on education and helping others be successful in our industry so that everyone is provided exemplary service.

This year the conference was in Nashville, Tennessee. This is where the exhausting part comes into play; I was there last weekend for our CORE Masterclass. Travel is hard, and 4+ hours of flying each way twice in one week takes its toll.

But anyways… let’s talk about wigs and toppers and selfies!


I always take a group selfie with any of the classes that I am a part of. If Diana and I are up there educating then we are taking a selfie with the group at some point during the day. (This is your warning if you are attending any CORE Masterclass this year). I love these group pictures because everyone is so happy and having such a great time. One thing that I have noticed however, is how much I do not like it when the selfie is taken and I am in a topper. I am much happier with the picture when I am wearing a full wig.

What confuses me is that I love my pixie cut! I really do, and I like the look of the different toppers that I wear in person. However, everything changes when I look back at the photos. Now I understand that we are all our own worst critics, but this goes beyond that. I am back to that feeling of not wanting people to know what it looks like beneath the wig…

I don’t identify with the women that I see in those pictures. Her hair is cute, but it isn’t me. I am enjoying having a fun pixie style, but I know that this is not a style that I am going to keep my hair length at. When I look in the mirror or at a picture of myself, I do not see me. And let’s be honest, all the fun wigs and toppers are great. It is fun to change up your style and color, but every now and then you just want to look in the mirror (or at a picture) and see you…



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