It has been almost 14 months since I shaved my head. I have learned a lot about wearing alternative hair and how to care for it (or in some cases how not to care for it) but what I am most proud of is what I have learned about myself.

I started this blog to keep track of everything that I learned and experienced while wearing wigs, but I ended up spending so much time in the moment that I never sat down to write about it. I am not sure how long I will keep writing about alternative hair, but I know for sure that it is going to be more than just a year.

Here are a few take-a-ways from my first year of wearing wigs.

  1. It is okay to not like the way you look. Wearing wigs is very different from getting a new haircut and color. Don’t feel bad about the difficult days. If you look in the mirror and start to feel the “icky” coming on take a moment and acknowledge that feeling. Cry, Scream, get mad! But what you do next is very important, take a breath and find one thing that you like about yourself. This is so hard for many women to do, we can complement our friends for days but we can’t seem to think of one wonderful thing to say to ourselves. Your hair is your crown; but remember the difference is now you can change your tiara every day if you want to. The difficult day will pass and tomorrow is a new day with new and less “icky” experiences.
  2. Not every wig fits the same or feels the same. Find what is the perfect wig for you, I am not just talking about the color and style of the wig, but the cap design. Do your research, take your measurements, and find your “perfect fit”
  3. Human hair wigs are amazing and look the most natural but they can also be the biggest pain in the butt and are very expensive to purchase and maintain. There is so much that goes into maintaining a high quality human hair wig. Alternative hair is not one of those things where the more it costs the longer it will last and the easier it will be to use. High quality human hair is expensive and there are tools that you need to protect your investment. If you don’t have the time or patience to wash, air dry, then blow-dry, and style your human hair pieces then you need to be prepared to pay for servicing (have an alternative hair professional wash and style it for you) or wear synthetic fiber.
  4. If you don’t tell anyone you are wearing hair they won’t know. SERIOUSLY!!!! The only people that look at other people’s hairline are those who are wearing or have worn hair themselves. If you care for your wigs correctly and have them customized to look more natural (customized hair line, baby hair, etc.), no one will ever know that you are wearing alternative hair.
  5. Children have no filter. My son has no problem telling everyone that his mommy wears wigs and I love that! I wish that more people were like my son and had no filter when it comes to alternative hair. That being said; at first, I didn’t want people outside of my immediate circle of friends and family to know that I was wearing wigs (even though I was writing a blog about it and shaved my head live on social media) because it was not something that I was comfortable talking about. It took time to build up self-confidence on what I was doing and why I was doing it. Now I have no problem taking my wigs off and talking about it with anyone who will listen. There are so many powerful and strong women out there who choose to not wear alternative hair at all and I think that is awesome! If you need more time to lose your alternative hair filter then you are awesome too! Wearing hair or not wearing hair is a very personal thing, and if you don’t have a very vocal four-year-old, you can tell anyone and no one on your own terms.

3 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. I love this blog post, Emily! It’s so funny the emotions you are describing of not wanting to talk about it initially, and taking time to have that confidence.
    I think that it’s really inspiring that you went through all of that, as I think those emotions are also very similar to the same we experience when we lose our hair if we have a medical condition.
    Certainly, those emotions are very similar to what I remember feeling as I was losing my hair. Despite people knowing on social media, I didn’t want to talk and it was a very strange sense of emotions. And although you amazingly chose to shave your head, I think it gives you a really awesome insight to the very same emotions so many of us go through!
    I really love reading these blogs of yours! You’re just a wee gem!
    Roll on August! Can’t wait to meet you


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