The Wig verses The Party

We had our company holiday party this weekend and as always it was such an amazing time. There were two main things that I took away from wearing a wig this time: the importance of adhesive and synthetic fiber.

I have worn wigs to weddings and parties before and even last year I wore a wig. The is one significant difference was this time I used adhesive. I know, didn’t we just cover adhesive? After all, in my last post I wrote all about  the importance of wearing adhesive and even more important is how you remove it so as not to damage your alternative hair or even worse your biological hair and or scalp. This will be different I promise.

I was able to style my hair to match the theme of the party (1920’s) and dance the night away without thinking about my hair at all. I was wearing a synthetic wig so I was worried about getting hot and sweating. This was not after all the first time I was going to be using the blue liner adhesive. The major difference was I was going to be dancing and let’s be honest, drinking in my wig. I am very happy to say that it passed with flying colors. I did not have to worry about my hair till it was time to take my wig off once we got home that night. So, I learned that with the correct adhesive your wig will be dancing the night away with you, not verses you.

I wore January by Jon Renau to create my hair style and while it was perfect for the style, being synthetic fiber made it very warm while I was dancing and socializing with my co-workers. I would have preferred to be in human hair as it is much cooler than synthetic, but the downside to the human hair is that I would have had to spend more time styling it, and it would have reacted to all my dancing and would not have looked at nice as my January did.  So if I were to do it again (and I am sure that I will) I would defiantly choose to wear synthetic again simple of the easy of styling and the fact that the style will last through the night.24177145_10214703987934796_5147794557338045093_n


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