Massage verse Wig 

I am having the most amazing time with my mom to celebrate her birthday. It has really been a trip of a life time. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen a few pictures of our adventures so far. 

I have been wearing January a few times this trip and since it is windy and I do not want to think about my wig I have also been using lace front adhesive. 

Normally when I tape my wigs I do so because I will not be taking them off till later before I go to sleep for the night. (For those of you who are paying attention this is the “foreshadowing” for this particular tale.) 

We have done three things on this birthday trip; shopping, spas, and sight seeing. While we have done the last two a few times the major theme for this trip has been the first “s” shopping! My mom loves to shop! She has trained me well and so I am able to keep up with her all day (this is the reason for the empty suitcase in my last post) and really have a great time doing it. When we are shopping for clothing I prefer to wear a wig and using adhesive is a must! Forget that your hair is getting messed up with trying on clothing, but having to re-adjust your wig constantly will cause irritation. So, to make life easier I used blue liner adhesive which is made for lace fronts. 

We got to Edinburgh earlier this week and right away we went shopping! So I put on January with my blue liner adhesive and I was good to go! That was until half-way through the day, my mom and I desided we should get a massage and booked treatments for later that afternoon at a place we saw while we were out. After booking our massages we went back to shopping since we still had an hour till our scheduled treatments. I picked out a few things I liked in one of the stores and went into the fitting room to try them on. After the second shirt I looked at myself  (or rather my hair) in the mirror… “sh*t I am wearing hair” 

So here comes the truth beneath the wig. I totally forgot I had hair on when we booked our massages but worse, I had no way to take it off without potentiality ripping my lace front. When I take my wig off at night I use a solvent that removes the adhesive so that I can take off the wig without ruining it or damaging my biogical hair. So here I am in a dressing room trying to figure out how to remove my wig or cancel my appointment. 

Here is how the story ends. The adhesive won. I ripped my lace while trying to remove it for the massage. When I get home I will be able repair the lace by removing the damaged area of the lace before it gets worse and still be able to wear January. The important moral of the story however is; never remove your lace without properly using a solvent when adhesive has been applied. 

For more information about adhesives and which one is right for you and your alternative hair check out this post on Jon Renau all about what’s under your wig. 


3 thoughts on “Massage verse Wig 

  1. Love this! I actually went on vacation and had signed up for a massage. It turned out to be this full program will all these intricate soaking pools before hand. I felt weird taking off my hair while in this very exposed group soaking area and I had to go straight from the soaking area to the massage. I initially thought maybe I could just keep it on, but ended up taking off the hair mid massage.


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