To Pack or Not To Pack

I am going on an adventure!

My mom and I are about to set off for two weeks in the UK and I am so excited. I am a bit of a procrastinator so I have not started to pack or really think too much about what I will want to bring. The one thing that is on my mind however is what hair am I going to wear?

I have been going back and forth about what I want to bring with me. It is going to be cold (remember I am from Southern California so 70 °F is cold; like jeans, boots and sweaters cold) so I want to make sure that my head stays warm. I know that I will be wearing hats so I thought about just bringing a hat magic with me, but what if I want to take my hat off? The next idea is what I wear a full wig, but if I wear a hat then it is going to get very messy and tangled.

So while I am trying to figure out what hair to wear, my mom is trying to get me to understand that we will be shopping (a lot of shopping) and that it is necessary to bring a backpack, a carry on suitcase, and check a larger suitcase inside of an even larger suitcase because we are not spending money on another suitcase while we are over there.  I travel for work and I never check a bag… this is going to be interesting.

I will be sure to take lots of pictures and try to update my blog while I am over there because every time my mom and I are together… it is a big adventure.


2 thoughts on “To Pack or Not To Pack

  1. Just got an email this morning from British Air, they have their nerve, says we can only check 1 bag for free.  I think American lets us check 2 coming home, I’ll check on that tonight.  Loved your blog! ha ha ha, can’t wait to laugh till we cry, cuz you know we will! ;-)xoxoxo 


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