I am often asked how many wigs I own. I don’t know the number, I will have to count, but I have a few. While it is awesome to have so many different styles to choose from, I find myself only wearing two or three of them. What happens is I will go to wear one of my favorite styles only to find that I need to wash it so I wear a different one. This is very convenient until I get to the point where all of my styles need to be washed and now I am overwhelmed by all of the work that goes into washing and styling them. The synthetic wigs are very easy. Wash, spray with conditioner, and set them on a stand to dry. The human hair wigs on the other hand take more time and they are my favorite ones to wear.

Here is a video on how to wash your synthetics 

Here is how to wash and style your human hair wigs 

The whole point of this post is that since you do not want to cut corners with your wigs, when it comes to caring for them it is important to take the time and not let them pile up like I have.


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