The Wig Versus The Sunburn

I have been feeling run down these past few weeks and rather than listening to my body I pushed myself way too hard. I blew a Facebook live featuring one of our new cap designs because of it. So my husband and I went away for the weekend to unplug and spend some much needed time together and with our son. Poor Conner has had to deal with a mommy who just can’t hang so it was very nice to relax with him and be focused on enjoying my little toddler.

I am always really good about applying sunscreen, to the point that I go through a bottle of it every time we go anyway. This time was no different; the only thing I did not account for was my lack of hair.  I was good about reapplying every 80 minutes per the instructions and yet, here we are.

A sunburn on your face is one thing; wearing welded lace on top of that sun burn is another. Not only is it painful, but now it is pealing. I have to clean my wig more than once a week due to the fact that (sorry this may be too gross for you) my lace is now collecting my pealing skin. I have been using aloe vera which is helping. I look like I have leprosy. Even my husband was looking at me over the weekend and was trying to conceal his freaking out and told me to please go look in a mirror.

So the good news is I am way less stressed, the bad news is one side of my face is falling off.

So this time the sunburn won, but next time I will be more prepared and the wig (and my face) shall prevail.



4 thoughts on “The Wig Versus The Sunburn

  1. Oh booo!! I would never have known, you rocked that wig this weekend! I hope it heals soon, and if you are stressed that just means we need more happy hours at on the border 😉❤️ love you!


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