A Trip To Seattle

This weekend I went to Seattle for work. It had been years since I was there, and it was fun to experience the city as an adult. Now keep in mind, I had 30 minutes to do it, but I feel like I got to see everything that I wanted to. It only took 14 minutes for me to walk around Pikes Place Market, see the throwing of the fish, take a picture with The Pig, and go to the original Starbucks. It was a very successful 14 minutes, if I do say so myself. I had a great time this weekend and lots of laughs.

The women that I travel with are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! We work so well together and had so much fun. One of the nights we laughed till our cheeks hurt. The next day during class, one of our guests mentioned how there was a group of women laughing so loudly while she was walking to her room. We all looked at each other like, “nope…wasn’t us” …but it totally was.

I often get asked “how do you it?” “How do you leave your family and travel the way that you do?”

First of all, I am not “leaving” my family. My husband is a rock star and is incredibly supportive of everything that I do. My son loves his weekends with Daddy. They have a great time together and have dinners that I would never make them. “Daddy’s Mac’n’Cheese” being one of them. My husband and I are a team and because of that, we are able to work together and support one another in our goals.

Secondly, I LOVE what I do. I really do. Even when it is stressful and I am tired, I work with amazing people who help support me and remind me why we are doing what we do. (They even let me steal their biscuits on the plane.) There are moments however when I question if all the work that we put into this program is worth it. What are our clients really learning and are they in fact applying this information to better the experience of the women who are going through hair loss?

I hope so…

What we do is so much bigger than a weekend certification, a 30 minute webinar, or a monthly educational email. This is not about us, or me, or my family. This is about creating the best possible experience for a woman, man, or child going through possibly one of the worst moments of their life.

So it is worth it? YES… when someone who has been in this industry for over 50 years thanks us because they learned something new that they are excited to go home and apply to their business, it is just one more reminder for me; put in those long hours, get on that flight, and stand up there and educate.

And the truth beneath this wig is… the struggle is real, but I am still willing to go out there and hustle.


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