Everythings Happens For A Reason

This past weekend my husband decided that we needed a weekend together as a family. So he worked his cute butt off on Friday to make sure that any excuse I would make for why we need to stay home and be adults was taken care of. I LOVE MY HUSBAND.

We went out to dinner on Friday (no cooking, no clean up…win!) and then on Saturday morning we all woke up as a family and went on an adventure. We were hoping to find snow (I will be honest, I am glad that we did not find any since none of us were dressed for it) and drove to an awesome little town outside of San Diego called Julian . If you have never been there you need to check it out, really cool shops and the best apple pie. We walked around a little bit and then had lunch before heading back down the mountain. I had my heart set on Dudley’s bread so we stopped at the bottom to get some. I stood in line and sent Jerad off with Conner to get a pie for desert that night.  When we all got back to car I realized I needed to use the restroom before we left. After the typical, “can you hold it?” “Why didn’t you go when you were already inside?” conversation I convinced them all to go.

Everything happens for a reason and when it happens is just as important.

The bathrooms were being cleaned and I almost died… at this point I had waited too long and Conner was not in the mood to stand with me in line while I waited for them to finish cleaning. Conner starts going crazy and a woman standing in line starts signing to him. He calmed down and just stared at her. I asked her what grade she taught and she informed me that she used to teach kindergarten and now teaches Sunday-school at her church. She told me how much she liked my hair (mermaid wig) and that he daughter had tried to color her hair purple but that is did not come out as well as she hoped, “Q-tip hair” she called it. I thanked her and told her it was a wig (this is the first “stranger” that I have been open to it about) and that her daughter may be better off buying a wig and having it colored if she wants to do crazy and fun colors in the future.

She then told me about how one of the girls that she used to teach and who goes to her church was just diagnosed with cancer, and will be losing her hair and have to wear wigs shortly. I had the hardest time not yelling CHILDREN WITH HAIR LOSS to her while she was telling me about a beautiful 19-year-old girl with striking red hair. I gave her information about Children With Hair Loss and told her to have her former student contact them as soon as possible.

She gave me a big hug and thanked me.

Everything happens for a reason, so thank you bladder for not letting me wait.


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