One of the things that I was looking forward to with wearing wigs was the ease of getting ready in the morning. I mentioned that I am having a hard time matching my “hair” to my clothing; luckily after week three I finally have my favorite styles that have become my go-to looks.

With my biological hair I would always pull it back into a bun, since it was difficult to style it in the mornings and get out the door before my little boy woke up and tried to convince me to stay home with him and play. I have become accustom to this look of pulling all of my hair back and found it hard to wear my wigs down. Good news, I have found ways to wear my wigs and still pull my hair back. I feel good and stylish when I leave the house.

I am having a lot of fun as a blonde. I know… I have always been team brunette and don’t worry I will always be a friend to the dark side; however it is nice to change up my look and have fun with different color makeup to match it. My son really likes it to since our hair is now the same color.

As far as my head hating me, we are still not friends but I have an arsenal of products that I have been using that has helped me keep her under control. Right now my best friend is Aquaphor.


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