Me vs. Her

I thought it would be really easy to separate the work Emily from the personal Emily for this blog. I am finding it very hard to remove the educator from my posts. I have this massive advantage that I know a lot about wigs and how to care for them. Going into this “adventure” I knew what to expect. It is part of my job to help set up proper expectations. So how do I talk about what I am going through without sounding like I am lecturing?

I am trying to get ready for my next set of webinars and all I want to do it say to everyone who is watching… WE NEED TO BE HONEST! Wigs are awesome, and they are also a lot of work. Human hair is expensive and really high maintenance. Synthetic is great for holding style and easy; and yet, it tangles and frizzes. There are pros and cons to every single type of wig and also type of fiber. There is not miracle product that prevents the bad from happening to your alternative hair (there are products that you can use and steps that you can take) and there is no magic wand. If you know a fairy-godmother I can talk to please send her my way.

Sadly, the truth is after 6 hours I start to get a headache. When I get into my car after I leave work I take my wig off until I get to my son’s school to pick him up. It took a week for my son to be okay seeing me without my wig on and now he will tell me what he does and doesn’t like. It shouldn’t bug me, but when I finally find a look that I like (and we all know, we feel good when we look good) and my son tells me that he does not like it at all, I totally get my feelings hurt. It shouldn’t, I know this, he is just a little guy and half of the time he has no idea what he is saying.

When I am at home I prefer to wear some type of beanie or better yet, nothing at all. Now, I struggle with not only what clothes am I going to wear, but what hair? I had a very sad misconception that life would be easier with a wig, but now I can see that it is going to be much harder.

To add one more layer to my morning routine now, my head hurts. It is as if my body has suddenly realized that I took away all of her hair on her head. Her way retaliation is to have my scalp break out in these painful red bumps. Never mind that it is my body and I should have an option in the whole thing.

Not only do they hurt, but they also itch so wearing a wig today was not an option. So here is to my first day going out without a wig…


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