Lots of Questions

It has been over a week since I posted my video on Facebook. Since then the video has been watched over 19,000 times. It is amazing how many people you can reach with social media. Now that the social media frenzy has ended the real work begins. My video is old news and I need to find other ways to bring awareness to what I am doing.

To everyone who has liked/shared that video I want to thank you again!

I often am asked how I am doing and feeling. I feel nothing still. Not to say that I don’t have any emotions about this, I do. I think about the women who shave their heads to feel control, because this is the only thing she feels she will have control over in her hair loss; moms who wear wigs 24/7 so that their children never see them look “sick” or “different”; the young girl who is being bullied in school and can’t get away from the cruel words of other children whether she wears a wig or not. This is what I think about… I do not write this to sounds selfless, I write this for you to understand. This is not about me, and at this point I have been so consumed by what I know others are going through I have not thought about how this impacts me.

What I have started to realize from firsthand experience is the amount of work that needs to be done to keep wigs looking and feeling nice.

So what if I was not in the profession that I am in, would I know what to do and how to care for my wig? Would I expect my $2000 wig to last longer than the one that cost $500? When purchasing your hair what should be the correct expectation? How long will they last and what will they feel like over time?

I styled my wigs last night and first thing that I noticed was the “tools” that I had. I knew I needed a block head and a wig stand. I knew I needed the correct styling products to keep my human hair wig looking nice but also to have it feel nice. This is processed hair and since it is not attached to your head it needs extra love. It does not have the benefits of getting nutrients from your scalp, you have to give it to your wig and the only way to do that is with the products that you use. Would I know this important information if was not working for the manufacture and my career was to education on this?

It took me about an hour to wash and style my synthetic wig and my human hair wig. My synthetic was easy; wash it and let it air dry. My human hair wig needed to be dried and then I had to go back through and style it. This is where having a block head and a place to use it is so important.

Would I have been told this important fact when I purchased my wig if I had gone to a shop or bought it online instead of getting it at work?

I wish that the answer was YES, sadly I know more often than not the correct expectation is not being set and that women are going home with very little resources and no direction on how to care for their new hair.

I would really like to know, where do you find your information on how to care for your wigs? Did anyone tell you the amount of work that would go into caring for your new hair when you purchased it?


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