10 things I have learned in 24 hours

So yesterday was the big day. I have been posting about it since last week on my Facebook (both my personal and my Jon Renau) and Instagram. I went “live” on Facebook to create awareness for Children with Hair Loss, and in the past 24 hours it has been viewed over 14K times…

I am shocked. I thought, “hey maybe 100 people will see this that will be awesome…100 more people who will now know about CWHL.” But over 14 thousand people? I am in awe… so a BIG THANK YOU to everyone and anyone who liked, shared, and/or commented on the video. You are bringing awareness and that is amazing.

So here comes the Truth Beneath The Wig…

So far there have been a few revelations; some are based on my knowledge of the industry, others are based on my personal experiences in the past 24 hours. The inspiration for my personal journey is inspired by my career at Jon Renau; however these are my views and not the opinion of Jon Renau|easihair.

  1. You really need to connect to and trust the person who is shaving your head. Diana shaved her head almost 3 years ago as part of a fundraiser for Children With Hair Loss. She knows what it is like and also how hard it can be. Since we work so closely together, we are close and I felt comfortable having her do the honors.img_8774
  2. After you shave your head having it washed and massaged is super important. All of those little hairs can be very itchy. I also wanted to avoid putting on my new wig and have those little hairs make their way into the cap and cause irritation. I was incredibly tense after all of the adrenaline; taking the time to step away from everyone and relax was really helpful. I was thinking about all the women who go to a wig shop to have their heads shaved and do not have the option of having their hair shampooed/washed after. Many wig shops do not offer servicing (This includes the “shave party” as well as care and maintenance for wigs and hair pieces) so that once the wig has been purchased you are on your own. This is not okay. I have always felt very strongly about how important the clients experience is, but now… I have a whole new level of conviction when it comes to how the client is cared for in the whole hair loss journey.
  3. When you take off your wig the first few times, your head feels cold and slightly damp. I knew that my head would get cold, that was a given. I was not however expecting the feeling that my head was damp. (Comparable to being sweaty… but not.) All of the oils that would normally go into my hair strand are just chilling on my scalp now which is why my head feels damp. It makes sense but it does not make it any less weird feeling.
  4. Not all wigs fit the same. I have always loved a hand tied cap. With the amount of biological hair that I had, I really needed the stretch that a hand tied cap can give you. I still really like the feeling of a hand tied, but the ones that I have been wearing are way too stretched out (from trying to fit all of my hair under the cap) and the lace does not lay flat. I am going to have to have them altered so that they will fit me and be more comfortable. I feel really self-aware that you can see the lace and do not want to wear them right now.
  5. Children do not like change. I thought it would be really easy to come up with things to write about but I was wrong. Perhaps I am just processing everything still. I thought that shaving my head was going to be the hardest part since I knew I would be wearing lots of different wigs. The hardest part has actually been my son not wanting to see me without a wig on. He loves the “mermaid” wig and prefers that I wear that one right now. 20170106_143536I have been telling him what I was going to do and have him repeat it back to me in hopes that he would understand. When I ask him why mommy shaved her hair his response is “for little girls”, I think he gets it. I told him last night that it is okay that he does not like it. He seemed to feel better after that. I don’t want him hating me, at the same time I want him to know what however he feels right now is okay and that he should not feel any differently.
  6. Trying on different wigs is really fun when you don’t have to worry about your hair wrap coming apart. Jon Renau (the manufacturer I work for) has a video of me showing how to wrap your biological hair so that you can wear a wig. It is one of those things where once it has been done and you get your hair in the wig… leave it. Don’t take the wig on and off if you can avoid it. It can be a big pain because the wig helps to also keep all of your hair in place. Now that I do not have all of that hair I can take a wig off and put on a new one really fast which makes it really fun to try a bunch of different styles.
  7. You can never have enough fake eyelashes. Everyone will find something that makes them feel like themselves after they have shaved their head… for me… EYELASHES! My long hair was very feminine and I love having long eyelashes as well. When I wear my eyelashes I still feel like me.
  8. I have the best BFF ever. My bestie came by with flowers and my favorite coffee yesterday while I was at work just to give me a hug and some snuggle time with her kids. I am going to go over to her house tonight so our boys can play together. She has been my friend for over 20 years and knows me so well. Having her support has been amazing!
  9. It is more comfortable to sleep in a Softie than without. My hair is like Velcro right now and even though I have a really comfortable bed, my head was getting stuck to the pillow… I might buy silk pillow cases but in the meantime my Softie is awesome and it helps to keep my head warm.
  10. You can feel every part of the wig and the transitions of the cap design when you do not have bio hair. I don’t want to get to technical on this blog so I won’t go into all of the details of cap designs (if you have questions please message me and I would love to help you out) but I will say that how the wig fits is really important and there is a huge difference form a wefted wig to a hand tied cap…

So even though I no longer look like Morticia Addams… I still look bad ass (at least I feel that way), and more people now know about Children With Hair Loss.



2 thoughts on “10 things I have learned in 24 hours

  1. Emily, I really 💗 this! It is so special that you have done this to raise awareness! And that you can get how it feels to be bald and cold and damp head hahaha x
    I absolutely prefer hand tied caps, as wefts are difficult on my wee baldy head x
    Jon Renau are absolutely an amazing brand. You guys are all just so fab!x x x
    When you shaved, did you wear a bamboo wig liner under your wig? I find them amazing in helping with the oily head and the itch if I wear a wefted cap x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I love your videos and all the amazing makeup that you do. So beaitiful!
      I live in my bamboo softie. If I go out and I am not wearing a wig I am wearing the boho beanie. I never wore caps under my wigs when I was shaving, I liked them, but my skin was so sensitive that any additional layer was hard to wear for more than a few hours. I agree the hand tied are so comfortable. I have a very small ear to ear measurement so they are perfect!

      Liked by 1 person

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