New Year… New Conversation

This weekend my husband and I had a few friends over to celebrate the New Year. One of my friends commented on how he had seen my post about shaving my head and thought that was really cool but wanted to know why. I told him about Children With Hair Loss and all of the amazing things that they do for the children and also for the families. He looked at his wife and they both were amazed that a child could receive a free wig for any hair loss reason. He told me that his niece has Alopecia Areata and that she is starting to become very aware about her patches.  His niece is 6. They could not wait to tell the rest of the family about Children With Hair Loss and apply for a wig for her.

This is why I am doing this. This is a conversation that may never have happened. It was the reminder that I needed and the encouragement to shave my head this Friday. I have received a lot of positive feedback and support and I want to thank everyone for that. The journey is just beginning and I know that this is the right decision. #CUTPASSLOVE

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2017 here we come!



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