The countdown begins

So in one week I will be shaving my head…1-week-count-down

I was in Colorado with my family over Christmas and as I was in the cold I kept thinking about how glad I was that I still had my hair. It really made me think about the choice that I have and how I am willingly shaving my head. There are so many women who do not have this choice.

I am glad that I am doing this; however as family and friends start to realize that I am serious and that this is in fact happening, I can see on their faces the confusion and for some the hurt that I am going to remove all of this hair that God has given me.

I am shaving my head not to understand what others have gone through, but so that I can know what it feels like for me to wear a wig all day or to go out in public without any hair at all.

Let the countdown begin…


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