My name is Emily. It is nice to meet you!
I was born in Southern California and have spent my entire life here. (Except for that very expensive snowboarding trip I took to SLC while I decided to study in my spare time.) I love everything about where I live; the culture, the scenery, and all of the awesome activities.
I am married and my husband and have a very opinionated son together. (We have no idea where he gets it from.) I know I will tell you more about them through our year together.
I work for an alternative hair manufacture and I am their Education Coordinator. I love what I do. When I was going to school to become a cosmetologist (this was after the snowboarding trip) I never imaged that I would be doing what I do now. I have met some amazing people and truly feel blessed to provided information and education to women who are experiencing hair loss.jec-19

Part of what I do is webinars and trainings for our team and also our clients. I stand before a camera or in a room full of people and tell them about hair loss and all of the options that woman have and educate our clients how they can better the experience for the women that they work with. After a year of doing this I started to feel a little detached. I really do not know what it is like to wear different types of caps all day and spend more than a few days in a row wearing a topper. I was born with a full head a hair and at this point in my life it is very long. It can be difficult for me to wear a wig all day. I have gotten pretty good at wrapping biological hair up so that I am able to wear a wig, but I mostly wear toppers because of how convenient it is for me.img_2922

I decided that I wanted to know that it would be like to wear a full wig for 6 months. I want to have a better understanding of how to care for a full system and also some of the pain points of looking at myself in the mirror and not seeing the woman who I identify myself as. My hair is very much a part of me and since I am in the hair industry I am hyper aware of it. I want to know what it would be like but with the EXTREME luxury of doing it on my terms.
The reason that I am writing this is because in January of 2017 I am going to shave my head and keep it shaved for 6 months. I will then spend the next 6 months growing it back and going through what I hope are some interesting and fun hair styles. So that all being said these next few months we will get to know one another a bit better. Even though I work for a wig manufacturer this is all me and I am going to be very honest about everything, you will get the truth beneath the wig — the good, bad, funny and the sad.


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